Sarika Henry

  phone (905) 438-9648
School Address

School Address

80 Avondale Drive

Courtice, ON  

L1E 3C2

School Contacts

School Contacts

Head Secretary: Kimberly Gaspar
Superintendent: Jamila Maliha
Trustee(s): Cathy Abraham
  Sarah Bobka
First Nation Trustee: Kailee Dupuis
Student Trustees:  
School Council Chairperson(s): Kim Weisshaupt
Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

Office Opens 

8:15 AM 

Entry Bell 

9:05 AM 

Block 1

9:05 - 10:45 AM  

A.M. Nutrition Break 

10:45-11:25 AM 

Block 2

11:25 - 1:05 PM

P.M. Nutrition Break 

1:05 - 1:45 PM 

Block 3

1:45 - 3:25 PM 

Dismissal Bell  

3:25 PM 

Supervision End 

3:35 PM 

 Office Closes 

 4:00 PM 

School Information

School Information

Office Hours: 8:15 AM - 4:00 PM   
Grades: K-8  
School Population: 290

English, Core French


Transitions to: Courtice Secondary School



Boundary Map


School History

School History

The Biography of Lydia Trull


Lydia Trull was not an average woman of her time.  Lydia, a British Loyalist, eloped at a young age and married the love of her life, John Trull.  During the American Revolution, Lydia and her family were hounded out of the United States.  She lived through a horrid journey that many men and women did not survive because of scurvy and other diseases. 

Lydia Trull was skilled in the art of medicine, like many women of her time, but instead of using it for domestic circumstances, she expanded it into a profession and became a medicine woman.  She treated patients equally and helped many natives and settlers.    She was not able to become a doctor, because during the degrading 1800's, women were unable to claim the term doctor.  Lydia learned the art of medicine from her father Dr. Casey. 

In order to treat her patients, Lydia often risked her own life as she galloped on horseback through the treacherous forests, cantered through blazed trails after dusk and swam on horseback through whole lakes.

Though Courtice has been growing steadily over the last two hundred years, to this day the original Trull homestead still stands on Baseline Road as a reminder of the past.  Lydia was a brave and courageous woman who was not afraid to take risks, and the students of Lydia Trull Public School endeavour to follow her lead and try to replicate her courage and integrity.



Rebecca Suggitt

Former Student

Lydia Trull P.S.  Our school history...

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